Who Needs 3-D Design?

Whether you're remodeling or building new, 3-D renderings can help you save money and get exactly what you want on your home project 


Some people say – “If you want to change your life, start from your house”. Your house mirrors your soul. And one day you decided to change something in your apartment/house/shop etc. but you have so many fears – from what to start, how it will be in real life, how can you avoid making any payments for design work that you don’t want? It is one thing to see on the paper and absolutely another – in reality. Making sure you are getting exactly what you want before having it built will go a long way. Today there is no better way to understand and have a feel for new design than to see it in 3-D.


Do you want to see different types of furniture, windows or doors in you design? No problem. You can change it over and over again until you will find your “dream” design.



Minor changes in 3D view, big problems in constructing


If you are not the designer, you will face with some problems during your project. Here are some of the most common problems:


1. Difficulty with understanding 2-D floor plans and elevation

Many people can get the general idea from a floor plan but have trouble visualizing how the design is going to look. Looking at the 3-D design will give you a good picture of how it looks like. The more you understand the look and feel of your design, the more comfortable you'll be at making decisions.



There are absolutely 2 big differences. With 3-D services you don’t need to rack your brains trying to understand the elevations.



2. Three-D helps cut down changes after construction has begun

Doing the necessary changes before the constructing will save you a lot of time and money. Until you see the design on 3-D and really understand how your space will look like, it will be hard to make changes.



3. Design review boards generally respond positively to presentations that include 3-D.


3-D shows how a building relates to the existing environment or to a neighbor’s home. This is a very powerful tool when you're seeking design approval. It would be great success by rallying the support of neighbors when they can understand clearly how a building is going to look and feel compared to theirs.


4. From presentation to 3-D visualization


If you are the designer and you need to present your project for your client, you usually do the presentation for him. But inexperienced clients usually don’t have clear understanding of what they want and how it will be. 3D has provided a chance for a person to understand and have a feel for a new design.


5. Helps you avoid paying for work you don’t want Last but not least – money. To be the honest, all of us want to save money and this is normal. Having a clear understanding of your project before construction begins is the best method to significantly reduce the problem of unnecessary charges. Making the conclusion, there is a lot you can gain by using 3D design, but the main is making the process much easier. Professional 3-D visualizers spent countless hours designing, reviewing plans, improving details and listening to everything you want in your home. And our team will be glad to help you or your clients in this.

* at this article we used only the examples from archive of our company


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